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Kuching, like most towns in Sarawak, has connections to other city centres and settlements by h2o transport. Concerning the banking companies of Sarawak River, close to the city centre, several 'tambang' (conventional roofed wood sampan) could be found carrying passengers from 1 riverbank to another.

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There was just one not likely idea determined by a story on miscommunication. According to the story, James Brooke arrived in Kuching on his yacht "Royalist." He then requested his nearby information with regards to the title of the town. The community tutorial mistakenly imagined that Brooke was pointing toward a cat, and so experienced reported the word "Kuching.

Kuching Global Airport (KCH) (ICAO Code : WBGG) is the most crucial gateway for air passengers. The airport's background dates back again to your 1940s and nowadays the airport has going through a lot of big redevelopment.[93] The airport terminal is stated as the fourth busiest airport in Malaysia In line with complete passenger actions in 2013.

Kuching maintains several museums showcasing its culture and record. The Sarawak State Museum, is among the greatest museum in Asia and known as Kuching's oldest and many historic building, which displays collections in the indigenous races in Sarawak.

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